“If I didn't care for fun and such,
I'd probably amount to much.
But I shall stay the way I am,
Because I do not give a damn.”
― Dorothy Parker


Love this movie so much. 

Favorite movie ever!

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Please tag your posts…

So I just unfollowed somebody I’d really like to follow because of a tagging thing. It can’t be a surprise to anyone that some people find spiders extremely upsetting - I happen to be one of those people. It’s ridiculous, I know, but spiders scare the living daylights out of me. Please, please, tag stuff like that, just like you would any other trigger.

Fortunately my daughter saw the post before I did, so I’ll be able to sleep tonight. :)

But the funny thing about that is we (as readers/viewers) sometimes miss out on information that might have been interesting. The author didn’t think it was, but fans? Most fans will soak up content like a sponge (see: LotR extended editions, cutscenes, etc). And so we’re likely to ask ridiculous questions like “What is laundry day like at Avengers Tower?” - not because it’s important to the narrative, but because we’re curious.

Not to mention: every narrator is an unreliable narrator. Especially the ones who seem the most straightforward. Which means there are a wealth of stories not being told hiding right behind the story that is.

Which, I think, gives an inkling of the primary difference between original fic and fanfic: original fic is declarative, saying “here is the story, these are the important events and characters and aspects of the world,” while fanfic is exploratory (even when it’s got a cracking good plot).

Fanfic exists in the interstices, in the ellipses and the enjambment. Fanfiction exists in the moment before the wave function collapses. A transformative work doesn’t actually transform the original media it is based off of (because the original medium exists in a fixed state and cannot be literally changed by fans unless the canon creators allow it to be so) so much as take the essential structure of the narrative and the characters and twist it, turn it, rotate and reflect it until we’ve built a fractal around it.


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When you get to the end of a story and want to fill in all the blanks, that’s not necessarily the sign of a lack in the original. Sometimes it’s just because you don’t want to leave this amazing new world that has been created!

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Time for a little Sleepy Hollow meta



So I keep hearing about people being upset because Ichabod ‘abandoned’ Abbie in Purgatory.

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You say:

But the problem I have with this line of thinking is as follows:

they went into Purgatory specifically to get Katrina out because they needed, or thought…

Nor have I forgotten that he redrew the map - that’s what I was referring to when I said ‘Second-guessing Abbie is what brought them to that impasse in the first place’. If he’d listened to her then, they wouldn’t be where they are now. Did I think that was an incredibly selfish choice on his part? Yeah, unbelievably so. I mean he knew it was - he wept while he was doing it, presumably from shame. So it was a terrible choice. Having made one bad call without her, should he make another?

Maybe his protests weren’t convincing enough. I did mention that he could have argued harder. But my point is that he *did* protest, he *did* volunteer to stay. Abbie refused. ‘It’s my turn, Crane.’

As regards him ignoring their need to stay together, to fight together? I see it a bit differently. He ignored that in ‘Sin Eater’, trying to die so he could end the Horseman. This time around, to my mind, it’s Abbie who ignores it. Ichabod says ‘there’s always another way’ and she says no. Their roles were deliberately mirrored this time, right down to the dialogue.

Being strong for the sake of being strong doesn’t cut it, I completely agree. I don’t think that’s what this was. Abbie was trying to do the right thing in an impossible situation. Ichabod did not ask her to do it, did not tell her to do it, did not want her to do it. What he did do was let her make the choice herself.

I still don’t see how this is all framed as Ichabod ‘taking the easy way out’. Should he have overridden Abbie’s stated wishes - again - because he didn’t agree with them? Thrown her through the portal? I see that as him subverting the terrifying but valid decision she made, as undermining her character.

Should he have stayed there with her (yeah, I kind of think he should, although I don’t know where that leaves the rest of the world)? But I don’t see this as Ichabod solving ‘his’ problems - I see this as Ichabod and Abbie trying to save the world.

The argument I so often hear is ‘but he shouldn’t have let her do it’, and that’s my problem. Ichabod shouldn’t be in a position to ‘let’ Abbie do anything. It wasn’t, ultimately, his call to make, and so he did what Abbie told him to do.

I think Ichabod made some truly terrible choices; I just don’t think that was one of them.

Time for a little Sleepy Hollow meta

So I keep hearing about people being upset because Ichabod ‘abandoned’ Abbie in Purgatory.

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why are blonde jokes so short?

so men can remember them

this took an unexpected turn

Not if you just asked for directions.


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Some super rare white (piebald deer/leucistic) & albino buck. Found in northern Wisconsin.

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Oh hey, my tumblr turned 1 today! Happy tumbly-day to me!